Speeches & Interviews

  1. Speech on: South Asia and Development in West Asia (Afghanistan’s Perspective), National University of Singapore, 3, March, 2017.
  2. Addressing Speech on: Youth Radicalization in South Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal, 27-28 Feb. 2017.
  3. Speech on: Afghanistan and It’s Region: Emerging a New Foreign Policy, ICWA, New Delhi, India, 2016.
  4. Leading Speech on: New Developments in the Region and the Afghanistan-Iran relations, Institute for Political and International Studies, MoFA, Tehran, summer 2016.
  5. Speech on: Foreign Policy of Afghanistan: Building an Economic-Based Security Community, Heidelberg University, Germany, 2014.
  6. Speech on: Afghanistan and SAARC Region: Opportunities and Threats for Cooperation, ISAS, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2014.
  7. Leading Speech on: The New International System and it’s requirements for Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy, Ministry of foreign Affairs, Kabul, Afghanistan, Oct. 2010.
  8. Leading Speech: Seminar on the 2008 Presidential Election of Afghanistan and The future of this country’s role in international relations, Institute for the West study. Tehran, Iran, 2009.
  9. Leading Speech: The First scholarly Seminar onEvaluation of the Principles of Foreign Policy of Afghanistan”, Herat University, Afghanistan, Nov. 2008.
  10. Leading Speech: seminar on the NATO’s role in security and stability of Afghanistan, Andishe-sazan-e Noor research Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2008.
  11. Scientific Interview: “USA and NATO’s Policy against Terrorism in Afghanistan”, Fars News Agency, (also with Jawedan News Agency), 6 Nov,2008.
  12. Leading Speech: seminar on the USA strategy in Afghanistan, research institute of Strategic studies
  13. Speech: Conference on Reviewing the Security and Stability in Afghanistan, Tehran University, Iran, 2007.
  14. Leading Speech: Seminar on the Security issues in Afghanistan, Andishe-sazan-e Noor research Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2007.
  15. Speech: Conference on Comparison between Constitutions of Afghanistan and Iran, Rafsanjan University, Iran, 2005.
  16. Participation: AL ALAM TV Live Program on Afghanistan First Presidential Election. {Mr. Hafiz Manssoor and Sattar sirat (Two Antagonists) also participated from Kabul via video conference.} 2004.
  17. Leading Speech: Conference on Dialogue among Civilization, National University, Tehran, Iran, 2001.
  18. Various Interviews with National and International Press and Media: BBC, VOA, INN, AL ALAM, NOORI NEWS, AZADI RADIO, FARDA NEWS,, Afghan DIPLOMACY, MEHR NEWS, …